The Abiding Place Ministries is a non-denominational group of believers in Harney County, Oregon. The Abiding Place began in January of 2001 as West Bank Christian Fellowship. Originally pastored by Tim Titus who was “called out of the pews” to lead the church, Lori Titus was recognized and ordained in 2011 as a pastor and partner in ministry. Lori’s strong prophetic, teaching and administrative giftings as well as her inner healing training are invaluable to the Body of Christ in The Abiding Place.

As a Presence-driven church, The Abiding Place has a strong emphasis on worship. Connecting people with God through worship and ushering the Holy Spirit into our midst allows the gifts to flow and provides an opportunity to encounter God in real, life-changing ways. Real encounters with The Living God facilitate faith and transformation as we are each changed from glory to glory into His image. (2 COR 3:18) The Abiding Place offers a safe environment in which to confront and be healed of the wounds and pain in our lives and to live now in the end-state of our walk with the Lord–peace!

The Abiding Place Ministries is a charismatic fellowship which thrives on the gifts of the Spirit. Our belief in The Word led us to adopt a five-fold ministry approach (EPH 4:11) and, as such, submit ourselves to Gary McCreith of Eagle’s Rest Ministries based in Lakeview, Oregon. Gary’s apostolic calling to father churches and leaders provides covering and accountability for The Abiding Place.

Our desire is to see our county changed by the spirit of God that flows over the threshold and into our streets as we worship and intercede for our community and our country. Lives changed and people empowered to walk in all God has for them is what The Abiding Place is about. We invite you to be a part of what God is doing in our midst!